Function rooms

Each of our six elegant function rooms has its own distinctive character and atmosphere. All have good natural light and a flexible, open layout to suit your requirements. They range from small and intimate to larger, more spacious rooms, accommodating up to 100 people.

Scroll down for more details or call us on 01252 784 733 to discuss your enquiry. To view a PDF document listing the capacity, layout and dimensions for each room please click here.

The Waverley Room

Originally the ballroom of the house, where Florence Nightingale attended a masked ball.

Our grandest room, with beautiful views of the lake and grounds, and space to arrange tables, desks, chairs and presentation equipment to suit your requirements. It makes a great conference room as well as an elegant space to host dinners and events.

Capacity: 100 people
Room dimensions: 11.5m x 5.5m x 5m

The Priory Room

The original dining room of the house. With its beautiful Adam style decorative features in Wedgewood blue and white, this is one of the finest rooms in the house. Perfect for hosting celebrations and dinners as well as educational seminars and charity conferences.

Maximum capacity: 60 people
Room dimensions: 10.5m x 6m x 5m

The Abbey Room

Named after the ruins of Waverley Abbey that can be seen from the windows this room overlooks the gardens. French doors open onto the grand balcony with steps sweeping down into the grounds. This stately room is great for board meetings, presentations and interviews.

Maximum capacity: 14 people
Room dimensions: 6.5m x 6m x 4m

The Florence Room

Named after Florence Nightingale who was a frequent visitor to the house when it was owned by her Uncle Mr George Nicholson in the nineteenth century. This functional meeting room is tucked away at the end of the house giving you peace and privacy.

Maximum capacity: 14 people
Room dimensions: 6m x 5.5m x 3.5m

The Charter Room

Named after the Charter of Liberties granted by King Stephen, which set the land apart ‘to be held freely and in peace for ever’ for the use of the monks of Waverley Abbey. This smaller room is perfect for private study, personal retreats, interviews and meetings.

Maximum capacity: 10 people
Room dimensions: 5.5m x 4m x 3.5m

The Abbotswood Room

Adjoining the Waverley Room, this room can be hired as a separate space or opened out as an extension of the Waverley Room. It makes a great room for breakout discussions from the main room and can be turned into a private meeting room.

Maximum capacity: 10 people
Room dimensions: 6m x 4.5m x 3.5m

Waverley Abbey House
Waverley Lane, Farnham
Surrey GU9 8EP
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Waverley Abbey House is a Grade II* listed property. The first floor (where our meeting/function rooms are) and the second/third floors (where bedrooms are located) are reached by stairs. In the event of a fire, you need to be able to walk downstairs at an average walking pace, without assistance. Please call 01252 784733 for more information about accessibility.